Sunday, 20 May 2018

Charlie's Angels

So, finishing these three gals from Bronze Age Miniatures, inspired me to get going again...and no, they aren't wearing bras.

Also tinkering with these fine rules with which to integrate some 'days of HIiiiiigh Adventuuuurrrre' into some Conan-esque gaming, though of course set in the land of the Witch Queen.

Apparently , Charlie's Angels was originally known as 'Jiggle TV'. Bearing in mind the more barbarian-esque nature of what we have here, I can't even begin to imagine what the sword & sorcery version might be called...

The 'Angels'

Sabrina - the planner, uhhh, there for comedy value.

Jill or Kris - depending on when you started watching - expert archer.

Kelly - the sensible one (wait...sensible? Female barbarians in Sword & Sorcery...sensible?)

'We are not amused...why, they don't even have an armour class?'

 ' 'Ere...what about the rest of your female fantasy figures mate?  GRRR...jealous.'


  1. Lovely work sir, looks like the witch queen may have her hands full!.

  2. I certainly hope so...I had to have two cold showers after painting the boobage highlights!

  3. Nice figures, I mean miniatures.. oh dear.
    Great to see you back in a fantasy game mode Sir Duc.